Rumor Confirmed: Shamu ROCKS! with Fireworks

Do you remember that rumor regarding some changes planned for SeaWorld's Shamu Rocks! show that one of our Readers shared with us about a month ago? If not, here's the complete message he shared with us:

"Hello, I would first like to point out that this information is coming from an internal source at SeaWorld Orlando ... For my understanding ... EITHER a new nighttime firework show will be added to the last Shamu show of the night, as a finale that will replace the existing summer firework show OR they will be adding pyrotechnics (fire balls, fireworks, etc.) to the last Shamu show of the night, and there would still be the summer firework show. From what I could gather, they were getting rid of the firework show altogether."

Well, it looks like our Reader was absolutely correct! In fact, take a look at this video that was recorded this past Saturday (May 25, 2013) by one of our Readers, Chris (who we thank for sharing this video with us!):

As you can see, the last Shamu ROCKS! show of the day now includes some great pyrotechnic effects at the very end of the performance, but it looks like the park will still maintain its famous "Reflections" fireworks show, as it is mentioned on SeaWorld Orlando's official site. In a few words, this summer we may have fireworks twice per night at SeaWorld Orlando! This is definitely a win-win situation for us theme park fans!


  1. Sadly, what you see is what you get. The nightly "Reflections" show has been cancelled in place of this as I confirmed with management. The SeaWorld Summer Nights show schedules are available and there is no mention of any nighttime show.

    I also saw this show on Saturday and have to say that most guest will be disappointed. Those viewing from the left side stadium seats will not be able to watch both the show and the fireworks. And those not sitting in the lower section (aka the splash zone) will also not have a good view.

    On Saturday night, the winds were blowing towards the stadium and you could see fall out debris hitting the tank. This could pose a problem as the whales enjoy playing with new objects in addition to it polluting the water. I foresee the fireworks being scrapped if they know winds will blow towards the tank.

    The Christmas version, Holiday Reflections is still scheduled at this time.

  2. We will be dropping our passes after 8 years. No summer fireworks is a deal breaker for us. And the food at the new restaurant in Antarctica sucks. Not even sure if it was real chicken in the 2 Asian dishes we had. The chunks of scrambled eggs in the fried rice was disgusting. I've never had food this bad at aSeaWorld outfit.


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