More Antarctica Reviews from Around the Web

As you will know, we just posted an official OTPN review of the new Antarctica themed area that opened at SeaWorld Orlando just a few days ago. But, of course, we are not the only ones that have shared an opinion about this new addition. Here you are a few links to more reviews from some other sites around the internet:
  1. The Best of Orlando site shared with us some photos of the grand opening celebrations for Antarctica. They also have a full POV video of the attraction (our own video will be posted soon!);
  2. Orlando United has also posted a review for this new attraction;
  3. An entire thread on WDWMagic was also dedicated to Antarctica;
If you too have a review of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, feel free to share the link to it by contacting us using the appropriate button found on the main menu, or just post it in the comments section of this post! We will then update this same list in the next few hours. Thank you!


  1. its interesting that the Orlando United review says that most people would only face the cold in the penguin viewing area for 5-6 minutes: surely this is deliberate by Seaworld? Penguins have always been popular and a good (comfortable) viewing area has too much potential to create a huge bottleneck of guests.

    by freezing the guests Seaworld keep them moving through!

  2. The 3 1/2 hour wait was not worth it at all, and on top of that the 3 min ride broke down and we were stuck for about 5-10 mins in a very cold room waiting for the mechanic to come fix so we could get to the platform to get out. I would not wait 30 mins for this attraction


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