Animal Kingdom Update: 15th Anniversary (PART 1)

Let us start by reiterating how much we love Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. We really do like it, and we have always thought that it is the park with the most potential (yeas, if it received the right amount of love, it would be even better than Epcot). That being said, it is undoubtedly the most neglected Walt Disney World theme park, and we noticed that even more this past Monday, as very few events were prepared to remember the past 15 years of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. We have to say that we missed the opening celebrations (we saw some videos about it, and we were really underwhelmed...), but it looked like nothing special was really being done in the park throughout the day. It was an ordinary day at the park.

Now, let's take a look around the park to see what has changed since we last visited a few months ago:

Let's first of all check out the new RFID-enabled park entrances:

Some more work will be done here:

Earth Day was also being celebrated at the park:

Going into the unknown...

Seriously, the theming of this park could rival Tokyo Disney Sea (in its own contest, of course):

Characters meet-and-greet:

Is that a new elevator they are building? Possibly:

In fact, the only entrance to this meet-and-greet location is through a set of stairs:

There were many of these signs around the park for Animal Kingdom's 15th anniversary:

There were many artists in the park that particular day:

Moving on:

We had never seen this before. Must be new:


More special displays:

The line to buy exclusive Disney's Animal Kingdom merchandise for the 15th anniversary:

The line went all the way to the Tusker House Restaurant in Africa:


  1. I'll never understand people who are willing to queue forever just to spend even more money...


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