Universal Studios Update: Behind the Walls (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of this Universal Studios Florida photo-report (PART 1 can be found HERE)

Let's continue to take a look at the changes visible outside the Transformers' showbuilding:

Looking good:

"E7." What does that mean?:

Moving around the area:

Behind the walls:

More photos of this huge building, from Delancey Street:

A new work-light for nighttime workers:

The walls have now completely blocked the area, and Delacey Street is now a dead end:

The front:

More new themed elements:

Gutters or lights?:

And now, here you are some exclusive behind-the-wall photos (courtesy of the new, shorter walls):

This is going to be the entrance of the ride:

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  1. Any rumors on when Transformers will open?

  2. E7 was the production name of the third Transformers movie.

  3. I really dig the transformers ride building(as of this writing more decals have been applied)! I really like how they are theming it completely to the NEST facility from the films. no backdoor here! :-)


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