SeaWorld Update: More Glaciers Appear (PART 1)

Hello, Orlando Theme Park News Readers! After having had an incredibly busy weekend trying to redesign our website's appearance based on the feedback received through our recent survey, it is time to go back to work. So, let us take a look around the charming SeaWorld Orlando to see what is new this week:

First of all, here you are some mandatory Manta photos:

By the way, the ride was down for a few minutes:

Beautiful flamingos:

Some work is taking place near the pelican's exhibit:

This structure is currently being refurbished:

Some nice shots of "Journey to Atlantis":

Time to move over to the future Antarctica themed area:

That's another really massive building:

Brrr... It should be cold right there:

WE sure hope that this side will also be themed, otherwise it will look like a gigantic eyesore:

Maybe it would be better to use this little thing to get a better view of the area:

Let's hop on board:

There we go:

Here's Antarctica:

As we get to the top of the Sky Tower, let's take a look at the rest of the park:

I see Shamu!:

Take a look at the parking lot...


  1. Wow parking lot looks nearly full

  2. Love the changes btw! On the blog and coming to Seaworld. :)


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