Universal Studios - Gru's House Appears (PART 1)

Welcome to a new Universal Studios Florida photo-report! We have a few news to share with you, so let's start right away by getting inside the park:

The first thing that we noticed is that a lot of new banners have been installed throughout the park:

Moving over to the new Despicable Me ride:

This will soon be Gru's house (Gru is the "villain" in the movie, which then changes and becomes good):

This is certainly a step ahead. The facade will be really nice:

We can't wait to see all the details:

Unfortunately, it looks like the back of the building will remain as is. Why does Universal always do these things? Why don't they "theme" the entire facade?:

On the other side:

The Shrek 4-D moving sign was not working:

Most of the concrete around the park has been re-painted. Yes, it has not been replaced. It was given a new coat of paint. Awkward, isn't it?:

More new banners on the abandoned building near the lagoon:

Work on the new lagoon show continues:

The new control booth has been completed, as walls have come down:

A close look:

More work is being done across the lagoon as well:

A special event was going to take place later that evening in the park:

This section of concrete is completely new:

Moving over to San Francisco:

A small crane was seen behind Lombard's Seafood Restaurant:


  1. This is Link to Gru's House in the Movie:

  2. Photo size is perfect on iPhone! Thanks so much for resolving this, I am really pleased to be able to view again!

  3. Putting a new "coating" on top of blacktop is VERY common. Its a common thing to do to a driveway that is still in good shape.

    No need to always rip out the old blacktop to put new in.

  4. I'm going on a Orlando trip for the first 2 weeks of July (crazy, I know). Does it look like Despicable Me will be open by then?

  5. I think the reason that Universal doesn't theme the sound stages is because they still want to retain the look and feel of a working studio facility. But I agree with the clash of theming. They could at least theme the sides with cutouts of the neighbors houses. It would help blend the two.

  6. Universal doesn't theme the facade's at the Studio parks because those never attempt to persuade you to believe they're something that they're not. It's technical "theme" is that you are "stepping into the production of the movies in question", not that you are actually within their world, hence why they make it a point to keep the sound-stages visible. It's not like a Disney park which attempts to suppress the cognitive dissonance your brain naturally feels when in their parks by doing everything within their power to perpetuate the fallacy that you are actually existing within the realm of the land in question, even though your existential awareness blatantly knows otherwise.


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