Universal Studios - Gru's House Appears (PART 2)

Hello, and thank you for continuing to read this Universal Studios update (PART 1 can be found here).
Let's now continue this report by taking a look at the current condition of the Amity Village:

Most of the building near guests' areas are still standing:

Electrical work:

The photo-op is still available:

We tried to take a look at the destruction that is taking place behind the scenes (the JAWS ride is completely gone) by going to the theaters that hosts that hideous Fear Factor LIVE! show, but this was all we were able to see:

By the way, look at the conditions these poor animals are living in. PETA should go after Universal, not SeaWorld! Hopefully they can force Universal to close this useless show:

A look back at Amity:

The complete demolition of these buildings should happen very soon:

Some new midway games have been placed in the huge space near the bridge leading to the Simpsons Ride:

This is a good use of empty space:

Another wall near Central Park:

Work on the new Spongebob-themed retail experience continues, as the interior of the building has been already completely gutted:

The former store sign is gone:

Some new themed signs have been affixed to the walls:

Here's a close look at some of them:

Opening Spring 2012:

Spongebob meet-and-greet:

More tables for the special event:

It was a symposium, as you can see:

Going out of the park, we noticed that the track of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is quite dirty:

Take a look:

Somebody even wrote a date in the dust:

We need a "Repaint HRRR" campaign! Just kidding... But the problem remains:

Going to Universal's CityWalk we noticed these nice, new retail stands:

Their design is very nice:

There are still quite a few older stands nearby:

Work on the towers of the Hard Rock Hotel continues:

...while the sign of the Universal Studios Store is still broken...

That is all we have for now. Check back soon for another new photo-update! have a great day.


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  1. Just so you know the reason why Universal Studios don't theme the side of the building is because they are already themed. The parks theme is a movie studio. So technically it is still theming.

    Also in the story of the bugs in Fear Factor. How could it be worse then Sea World, they are bugs, if they went after Universal they would need to go after reptile parks and other place that keep them as the standards are exactly the same. For my sources, I live in Australia where big bugs and reptiles are everywhere and I have seen how they are kept in reptile parks and they are usually in tubs unless they are going on show.

  2. True, the ´studio buildings´are the theme of that part of the studios. But the theme looks kind of cheap and the attractions have nothing to do anymore with making films (like the Hitchcock one). Putting a themed building at the entrance of the ride make it a strange hotch potch. They better start retheming that whole studio part.
    It´s not the bugs but the audience that suffers during the horrible Fear Factor show. They should feed the insects to the person that ok-ed the attraction and close it forever!

  3. Yikes! They've really let the Studios side go downhill. They invested so much on the Island's side, hotels, city walk, etc. for so long that now it's time to reinvest in the origional studios side.

    BTW - I doubt Disney would let an outdoor coaster get that dirty at any point....

  4. Lots of complaints now, but in another couple of years you will be praising the changes. It's funny you mention theming when Universal has created the most incredible theming I have ever seen with WWoHP. The Studios are supposed to make you feel like you are walking into the movie making process, hence the studio buildings. And those insects/reptiles are a little different then putting a whale in a fish bowl!

  5. @ the previous anon: no, complaints are occurring because as a previous poster said very astutely, universal has let the studios park go to heck. In my opinion it looks terrible in comparison to its counterpart and now its even worse with the removal of amity for more potter (if that really is true). its just sad because they could do so much with the studios park but I have no idea what their thinking right now in that department. no ones arguing they haven't done great work in other places but they've missed the boat here, point blank.

    by the way the Orca is the largest member of the dolphin family, they are not whales at all but thanks for the "intelligent".


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