WDW, Universal, SeaWorld: Park Maps Changes

This year (2012) will bring great changes in the Central Florida theme parks. Many attractions have (or will) close down, some will be replaced, others won't, completely new attractions will be built and new hotels will open to the public. Yes, it is going to be a very fun year for the theme park industry! But, with all these changes, it also means that the park maps will have to change too. That's right. Actually, most of the park maps have already changed a lot, as the theme parks evolve. Let's take a look, starting with SeaWorld Orlando's map:

As you can notice from the map, the "Penguin Encounter" exhibit is completely gone from the map, as it will become "Antarctica - Empire of the Penguin" in 2013. Also, the Manatee Rescue building has been completely erased from the map. It will come back in April 2012, as it will reopen as "TurtleTrek 360."

Now, let's compare two Universal Studios Florida park maps.



Even though what is missing from the map is very obvious, we wanted to highlight that the entire Amity area is completely gone. The only building still remaining on the map is the restroom building. Also, the Universal 360 globes are gone (even though they disappeared much earlier on the in-park maps).

Now, let's take a look at the current Magic Kingdom park map:

As you can see, the parade route (which was previously indicated with red dots) is completely gone from the park maps. How, then, can guests know where they can see the parade? Well, let's take a look at the current Times Guide to answer this question.



As you can see, the parade route can now be found inside the Times Guide, which looks more like a booklet now. In addition to that, the "Tips & Information" page on every Disney park map (including Downtown Disney) has received some minor changes in the overall appearance. Here you are some examples:

In addition to that, an additional warning was added on the park map of Disney's Animal Kingdom:

It looks like too many guests are feeding the animals... Remember that it could really be harmful to their health. They have a different diet, and eating the food that humans eat can be dangerous.

And this is all, but we will continue to keep you up-to-date with future changes, especially since the Dumbo attraction will soon close at the Magic Kingdom, and the park map is expected to change even more. Stay tuned (if you need additional park maps from other Central Florida theme parks, feel free to contact us).

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