Universal Studios: Aquatic Show Coming Soon (Part 1)

Even thought it may seem a bit late to post a photo-update, the OTPN Team is pleased to share with you a new picture tour of Universal Studios Florida, where a lot of things are going on all at once. Let's take a look:

Welcome to the Universal Studios:

The park was quite busy:

The Jimmy Neutron sticker (that was formerly located next to the Simpsons' logo on the "How Tall Are You sign) will soon be replaces with a "Despicable Me sticker:

A new E.T. Adventure sticker has appeared, though:

Work proceed in the future site of the "Despicable Me" ride:

The entrance of the ride will surely look very different than the former entrance of Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast. Indeed, they are continuing to cut the left side of the roof::

A closer look:

A lot of wires:

A Minion retiring for the day:

The Shrek 4-D Theater has received back its themed billboard:

They are completely new:

A closer look at each of the billboards:

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit was SURPRISINGLY having technical difficulties!:

The rearely-open Monsters Cafe' has got new video screens:

Possibly good news: The "Cafe La Bamba" may return into service soon:

A lot of work is being done inside the building, which has been left empty for years:

Nearby, the Street Breakz were performing:


  1. The blacked out spot on the height sign was Neutron not Jaws. Jaws has no minimum height requirement.

  2. The picture through the fence showing 'lots of wires' is actually of a set of oxyacetylene hoses used with a cutting torch to cut steel, most likely what was used to neatly trim the canopy .


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