A Look at Epcot's New Turnstile-Free Entrance

As reported some days ago, Epcot is currently testing a new method of entering the park, one that does not involve turnstiles. It is a very effective method to access the park. Let's take a quick look at how it works:

First of all, you will have to go to one of the tables or booths with Cast Members, like these ones:

There, a Cast Member will attach a sticker with Mickey Mouse's face on your existing ticket (new tickets will already have the chip incorporated):

Then, you are redirected to a separate entrance, which is divided by a rope:

To enter, you will have to just scan your ticket (not inserting it into a machine, which is more time-consuming), and then scan your finger. on the side of Mickey's head. You are all set:

It may sound very similar to the normal entrance, but we can assure you that the lack of turnstiles, the fact that you just need to scan your ticket, along with the newer technology, make it much easier to enter the park:

We personally found this system much better than the traditional entry mode. It isn't only quicker; it also feels more "interactive" (when the machine scans your finger, it lights up in a very interesting way), so we certainly think that this system will soon be implemented in all the Disney Parks, at least here in Florida.


  1. It feels more "interactive". I lol'd.

  2. I still wish they'd drop that infernal fingerprint scanner as well as the turnstile. Imagine the speed without that additional inconvenience.

  3. yes, and imagine all of the "passbacks" and other shady nonsense when the BIOMETRICS are removed.

  4. Cool entry method. Looks very futuristic.

  5. Removing the security turnstiles might speed up the process but then again, it might also include several risks with it regarding security.


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