Islands of Adventure: New Time Boards and More

Universal's Islands of Adventure is receiving some interesting, minor additions that will surely help guests to keep up with the current wait times of all the attractions of the park. Le's take a look together at what's new in the park with our latest Islands of Adventure update:

The Trading Company:

Inside the store, new banners have been installed. They advertise Universal's Photo Connect:

It is basically the point to view and purchase your photos taken by Universal's employees inside the park:

Under the second bridge, here you are one of the new next-generation wait times signs!:

They show the wait times of  all the rides of the park:

They are not really that nice to see, but they're ok:

We wonder what they will do with this older sign:

Let's go inside the beautiful Seuss Landing:

This area inside "If I Ran the Zoo" has recently been refurbished:

As we reported some weeks ago, the hat on top of "The Cat in the Hat" ride building has been completely repainted, and it looks very, very good:

We are not sure if this face-painting location is new or not. We will make some research on the matter:

Another new wait times board, which was not working during our visit:

Moving on to the Lost Continent, we find Mythos:

The wait time sign on the entrance sign of Poseidon's Fury has a new LED screen:

The previous LED screen was not working correctly:

At the entrance of the gift shop near Poseidon's Fury, some new flags advertising Universal's Express Pass have appeared:

They look good:

The third new wait time screen:

It is located at the entrance of Sindbad's Village:

Triceratops Encounter was closed:

More new lights have been installed in the queue to the ticket distribution center (used when the park is busy):

Another new screen:

Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls:

Some facades of Toon Lagoon have been recently repainted, and they look as good as as new:

Hagar the Terrible:

Flash Gordon:

At the entrance of Marvel's Superhero Island, here's the last screen:

Here's a map that we created to show all the current locations of these new wait time signs, that are 5 in total
(as of November 28, 2011):

The Incredible Hulk Coaster:

Another look at the brand-new gift shop near the Hulk:

We reported this new addition in our previous Islands of Adventures update:

And this concludes our quick Islands of Adventure photo-update! Thank you for reading!

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  1. There are 6 signs. Good luck finding the one you missed!

  2. Hahahaha, poor Harry gets no love

  3. Accio Harry Potter!

  4. The face painting place in Dr Seuss was there when we were there 2nd week in October, so its not brand spanking new anyway


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