Free Parking for Florida Residents after 6:00pm

For a very limited time, Universal Orlando will allow Florida Residents to park for free after 6 p.m. at the resort's huge parking structure (normally, any guest should pay $3.00 to park after 6.00 p.m.). Take a look:

Limited Time Offer: Free Parking for Florida Residents after 6:00pm

From November 1 through December 24, Florida residents receive Free Parking after 6:00pm at CityWalk! This limited time offer is available to Florida Residents only, and proof of residency is required (Valid Florida License or ID).

This is surely a positive thing, as many Florida Residents come often to CityWalk, and constantly having to pay $3.00 just to park for a few hours is not really making them want to come more often... Of course, some years ago, parking was free for any guest (Florida Residents or not) who came after 6.00 p.m., but unfortunately this new policy was then introduced, possibly due to the recession and the ever-increasing costs the resort has to deal with to maintain all these entertainment venues.

What's your opinion? Is $3.00 a more than reasonable price to park after 6.00 p.m.? Or, should they return to their old policy and not charge guests who arrive after a certain hour? Feel free to share your comments!

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  1. with the exception of the bars there is very few reasons to visit city walk and universal, a few poor restaurants and an amc theater which i can go for free at disney or the loop.. If universal see an increase in people then they know they have to keep off the parking charges


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