Worker Fatally Injured at Magical Midway Thrill Park

An extremely sad accident took place at Magical Midway Thrill Park, yesterday afternoon. A man died while he was working on one of the park's signature attractions: the Star Flyer. Read more, from CFNews 13:

A 30-year-old man died Saturday after falling off a ride at an Orlando amusement park.
A spokesman with Orange County Fire Rescue said Justin Honeycutt was an employee at Magical Midway on International Drive. He was working on the Star Flyers ride while the ride was closed for repairs. He was about 90 feet in the air when he fell about six feet. Rescue crews found Honeycutt unconscious, suspended in the air by a safety harness. Firefighters had to use their own harnesses and cables to climb up, and then slowly lower the man down.
Investigators are not yet sure why the worker fell. Magical Midway is now closed while an investigation is under way. Star Flyers is billed as "America's only carousel on steroids." 

We feel really sorry for the man and for his family, but we're sure the police will do everything they can to make sure that this unfortunate accident won't be repeated, by making all the necessary investigations on the case.

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  1. How did he die? He only fell 6 ft and was in a safety harness.


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