Universal Studios Update - Minor Rehabs and More

Today, we're going to see what's new inside Universal Studios Florida, checking out all the areas of the park.
As we do with every theme park update, we will start with a look at the majestic entrance of the Studios, which is really one of the best entrances of any park in the world, as it sets the mood starting from outside the park:

The Production Department gives us a quite sad news:

Yep, Fear Factor LIVE! is going to be open for the rest of the summer, and it looks like it's going to stay for a few more years, since NBCUniversal has recently announced that they're going to make new editions of this poor show:

Jimmy Neutron was closed:

The Wait-Times:


The Summer Concert Series has already started, and all around the New York area they've set up bars and other miscellaneous stands:

On a related news, these buildings, located in the New York section of the park, have been recently repainted:

These will be next, who knows:

Universal is changing all the railings on the really long boardwalk of the park:

This section is complete. Looks really fantastic:

They've also replaced the wooden pieces where people walk on:

Behind the walls:

More walls, on the other side of the small shack:

These railings will soon be replaced too:

They really needed to be replaced, as they were also rusting away, which could have led to some people getting tetanus, if they got hurt touching them:

- Comparison -



Some photos of the work, taken from "Central Park":

The refurbished "First Aid" location is now open. Granted we wouldn't want you to have to check it out...

JAWS was closed due to the rain:

Fear Factor LIVE!... was open:

The Simpsons Ride:

They're literally working on Krusty's tongue:

In a few words, they're replacing the old, red-colored, tongue-shaped floor:

"No worries, it won't hurt. We're just completely replacing your tongue. Piece o' cake, no big deal..."

Going to a desert Woody Woodpecker's Kid Zone:

Star Toons Summer Jam is on:

E.T.'s wait time clock is STILL off:

Repainting in progress on the left side of Curious George Goes to Town:

This area was recently completely redone:

Hard Rock Cafe', still completely abandoned:

A sign is missing here:



What in the world does this mean? I have no idea whatsoever:

The Fast Five cars are still on display:

Posters of my all-time favorite show are up inside the studios:

And that is all! Remember to check out our previous Islands of Adventure update too!

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  1. Hopefully the missing sign means the return of the Psycho IV sets! x)

  2. APS (lover of the site)June 20, 2011 at 7:05 PM

    Awesome Update! Since it appears that the entrance of the Simpsons was walled off because they are working on Krusty's tongue, where's the "Temporary" entrance?

  3. Visit "Rockit". They are re-doing the queue wallpaper with painted walls. In stages to be finished by September is what I heard. So far, looking better than the wallpaper.

  4. Why so much hate for both fear factor the show and its attraction and then praise for America's got talent?? I formerly worked at Wild West Stunt Show and was sad to see it go, but at least they didn't bulldoze the theater or pulled a hercules/xena and just keep a building closed for years and years..


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