SeaWorld Orlando Update - New Restaurant and More

SeaWorld is really incredible. It never stops to surprise me, especially with its nighttime shows. Let's take a general look around the park, to see if there are refurbishments or new additions worth to point out:

Welcome to SeaWorld Orlando:

There are Summer Nights banners everywhere, to make people want to stay until 10 p.m., and believe me, it is totally worth to see each and every nighttime show!:

One Ocean/Shamu Rocks - great couple!:

The show times:

Let's see One Ocean:

The theater is truly beautiful:

New lights have been added to the theater's background (you can't really see them in the next picture, but it gives you an idea of where they are located):

Let the show begin!:

All the water fountains where working, and they were really great! They add a lot of movement to the show!:

More fountains:

Going out, work is being done near the entrance of Shamu's Happy Harbor:

The Jazzy Jellies flat ride was down for refurbishment:

A look around the area:

NEW! - A new ALL-YOU-CARE-TO-EAT restaurant has opened at SeaWorld:

This is the booth where you purchase your ticket:

It is called the "TERRACE GARDEN BUFFET":

The entrance:

The menu is not huge, but the price is also reasonable:

The new restaurant is located inside the old Anheuser-Busch Welcome Center, which was a restaurant before too, but just a quick service:

You can now only go inside the building if you have a ticket:

Here we go!:

The old quick service location is now walled-off:

The buffet is not huge. They have three kinds of pizza, three kinds of salads (really great!), three kinds of pasta, bread, two desserts, cookies and unlimited soft drinks:

Around the park:

Work on Dine With Shamu continues, but all the signs that advertised its reopening are strangely gone!:

Let's check out the Summer Nights area, which opens each evening at 6 p.m.:

Be sure to stay until 9:50 p.m. to see "Reflections"!!:

Shamu was meeting guests, but...

...there was no escort! All characters need an escort:

The Summer Nights village:

New this year is the DJ dance party, which is painfully similar to Club 626 at the Magic Kingdom:

There are even the characters, like at the Magic Kingdom:

Preparing for the Summer Nights shows:

More parties:

A new interactive kiosk has been installed near the Voyagers restaurant:

Shamu Rocks is fantastic!:



Waiting for "Reflections"!:

There was even a 30-minute long pre-show with acrobats!:

Sorry, no fireworks pictures! We'll try to take a video in the next few weeks. But we can tell you that we had:

Thanks for viewing!! We had a blast at SeaWorld's Summer Nights!

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  1. You forgot to mention the most important part of Summer Nights. All you can drink beer samples for $25. I was hoping you'd have some pics of that. I heard there's over 20 different varieties.

  2. Do the fountains during the Shamu show get the first few rows of audience wet?

  3. yes the fountains will get you wet...the trainers will even splash people with them during the show...this is probably the wettest show in recent memory so if you dont want to get wet do not sit in the splash zone


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