Islands of Adventure: Mythos Rehab and More

Hello, and welcome to a new Islands of Adventure update! Today, we're going to take a look at some of the work being done inside the park, even though we were not able to check out all the lands of the park? Why? Well, let's say that it was A RAINY DAY AT IOA!

Let's start as usual, with the icon of the park: the Pharos Lighthouse:

At Seuss landing:

Work continues on the water section of the "If I Ran the Zoo" play area:

These blue things are brand-new:

Some buildings in Seuss Landing have been repainted:

Mythos is receiving some love (HIGH-RESOLUTION PICTURES. Click on them to view them in full-size):

The water has been completely drained:

A lot of walls... this reminds me of Fantasyland:

Some behind-the-walls pictures:

A lot of work is being done down there:

At Jurassic Park, the Jeep near the Spinosaurus is out for refurbishment:

Work continues on Triceratops Discovery Trail:

The new path is ready:

New light poles:

New plants that will be added to the queue area:

Jurassic Park River Adventure:

Minor work being done inside Camp Jurassic:

The weather was not very promising (even though I love summer thunderstorms!):

The Hulk:

And that's all for now! Thanks for reading!


  1. Why would Green Eggs and Ham be closed during the peak summer days?

  2. Hi! I truly appreciate your website and your updates but, if you allow me to make a suggestion, I would love to see sometimes something from WWoHP.

    We already know it's not of your devotion, but let's recognize that most of the action actually happens there ;) Cheers.

  3. Yet ANOTHER update without a single picture of WWOHP! lol It's actually funny at this point!

  4. Thanks for the comments!
    Also, I wanted to add that it was raining during our visit (just a few days ago), so we didn't get to take pictures of all the lands...
    We hope you enjoyed the update anyway!

  5. Green eggs is open every day from 11am-3pm maybe only 2pm at the earliest. It has been since April!

  6. Thanks for the comments!
    As we said many times, we chose not to take pictures of that area, that's all. We area sorry that some of you are sad about this choice, but we try to cover everything new coming to any Orlando theme park, so we hope you'll enjoy our updates anyway!

    Have a great day, everybody.

  7. Hi great update yet agian, i am happy not to see Potter world as i am going there in october and do not want to see it as i think it would spoil it for me. You stick to your guns and dont take pictures if you choose not too. Once agian thanks for all the fantastic updates.


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