Gatorland breaks ground for a one-of-a-kind zip-line

Gatorland is a fascinating theme park. It's very underrated, as it is one of Florida's original attractions, one of the few post-Disney theme parks that is still standing. And, it's even expanding its offerings this year! They will open a new zip-line that will be very... unique!! Read some info from Gatorland:

Gatorland Reaches New Heights

Theme park opens Orlando’s Wildest Zip line
Orlando, Florida: Gatorland is soaring to new heights in Central Florida as the theme park opens the world’s first zip line to race above giant alligators and crocodiles in the all new Eco Zip Line at Gatorland opening in Summer of 2011.

This one-of-a-kind ride takes you on a breathtaking journey along 1,200 feet of high flying adventure from platforms designed to replicate the Breeding Marsh Tower.
At heights up to 56 feet, guests will fly at speeds near 30 miles per hour through the park! An adrenaline rush guaranteed to bring out the true adventurer in everyone.

The Eco Zip Line at Gatorland will carry the brave riders along four intense zip lines, ranging from 230 ft to more than 485 feet over some of the most exciting exhibits at Orlando’s only theme park with “Bite & Attitude.” On just your second leg of the journey, you’ll soar above the theme park’s collection of jumping Cuban Crocodiles.

What’s up next? A bird’s eye view of the Alligator Breeding Marsh featuring over one hundred and fifty giant alligators watching your every move! 
“We spent a tremendous amount of time designing this incredible experience that combines the most modern safety features available in a zip line with the raw beauty and excitement of Gatorland’s natural exhibits and majestic animals,” says Mark McHugh, Gatorland’s president & CEO.

The 45 minute experience includes a brief orientation session, a nature walk through the swamp, four breathtaking zips and an exciting swinging bridge for only $60, which includes all day admission to the “Alligator Capital of the World.”

The construction of the Eco Zip Line is being managed by Global Expeditions, Inc., a privately owned company specializing in the development of exhilarating ecotourism adventures for major corporations, the entertainment industry and organizations offering unique experiences that create unbelievable memories.

Now, according to CF News 13, the new Zip-line will become reality in June 2011.
Do you dare to do this? I personally love alligators and crocodiles, so for me that wouldn't be a problem at all. The real issue would be the speed of the zip-line itself! We'll see how fast it goes once it opens.

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