Epcot update - Flowers everywhere!! (PART 1)

Thousands of wonderful flowers have been freshly planted around the already amazing-looking small hills and green land that encompasses Epcot's pavilions. The park looks great, and the Flower & Garden Festival is more than a month away!! That's one of the many reasons why I (and a lot of people that I know) love EPCOT.

Let's see what Walt Disney World's gardeners have done:

They're repaving the whole area near the main entrance:

No "Let the Memories Begin" banners... I wonder if they will ever put them up as they did with the "Celebrate Today" campaign... :

These are the only visible banners for the "Let the Memories Begin" celebration:

We already spot a lot of fresh and new flowers here!!:

The amazing Spaceship Earth:

It was a wonderful, no wait... FANTASTIC day!! Perfect weather, no people!:

The palm is receiving some moral... support!

These flowers were here before too:

New walls around the fountain of Nations. Just repaving:

birds taking a bath on the fountain:

Repaving in progress also near the Electric Umbrella:

More flowers:


Nothing new here!! How long does it take to put a new program?:

New trees:

This small path was closed:

Work continues inside Mouse Gear:

Part of the old carpet is still here:

WDW 40 logos all over the place:

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Isnt there a ride simulator in Epcot where you can build a coaster and then go inside a simulator and experience it? Could you get some pictures of that next time you go?

  2. Yes, I will! The Sum of All Thrills is the ride you're talking about, if you wanted to know the name! :-)


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