BREAKING NEWS! Ripsaw Falls (IOA) on fire! - UPDATED

Thanks to a report from our great friend here known as Bigfoot, we got to know that Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw falls has caught on fire just an hour ago!!! Here you are some pictures, all from CFNEWS13:

Photo copyright of CFNews 13. All rights are strictly reserved.
From CFNews 13:

A popular ride at Islands of Adventures at Universal remains shut down Sunday after a huge fire caused an evacuation and a major scare for park goers.
According to officials, the fire broke out at Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls, which is a log flume ride.
The park said a roof on the ride caught fire, sending flames and thick black smoke into the sky.
Guests and employees were evacuated from the park at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

The park said a few guests were checked out in a park first aid room, but none had to go to the hospital.
Saturday was the one of the busiest days for the park. Hundreds of people were in line and saw the fire.
"I was waiting at a ride and somebody said it was technical difficulties. They would let us know what would happen and then we saw this huge pillar of black smoke in the sky. They evacuated us from the ride and people were a little nervous. We were asking what was going on and they said they couldn't tell us but that we would see ahead," said park guest Claudia Mejia.

Toon Lagoon Island was also reportedly evacuated as well. Some riders did complain of breathing in smoke.
Orange County and Orlando fire crews responded to the 2-alarm fire. Thick, black smoke could be seen in the area at the time of the fire, Firefighters are now trying to figure out what sparked the fire. They are considering a possible electrical issue with an air conditioner or ride controller.
The water ride will be shut down at least through Sunday. Some guests may get reimbursed, according to park officials.
Ripsaw Falls opened in 1999 and is one of the park's original attractions.
The fire couldn't have come at a worse time for Universal, specifically Islands of Adventure, which has been seeing a huge spike in attendance.

A picture of the fire:

Photo copyright of CFNews 13. All rights are strictly reserved.

Thanks to our reader Raphael, we now have a video of the accident, from ABC News:

GOOD NEWS! The fire has been extinguished. The ride is scheduled to remain closed tomorrow too.
Remember to check out also the small article over at the Orlando Sentinel!
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  1. I only hope I didn't bring unluck!!! I prey for a good resolution of the emergency and only minor damages to one of my favorite water ride!!!!

  2. I am following the whole episode and I saw that the fire was a "2-alarm" so it likely caused a decent amount of damage! I live in Rio, and I'm so worried! This ride is one of the bests in the world!

  3. oh god, this makes me think of the king kong ride in hollywood that burned in 2008.

  4. You're right, BB!! I sure hope it doesn't end up like that, though!!!

    And, Raphael, thanks for the updates! Even if you're far, the news spread faster than we think!!

  5. Kind of ironic that a water ride caught fire...

  6. One more update! ABC just released a video report about the fire on Ripsaw Falls! Check it out!

  7. Thank you A LOT, Raphael! I was looking for a video just like that!!
    The post has been updated.

  8. Two Alarm fires arent generally that big. It basically just brings in another 4 engines, another chief and another ambulance. But expect the ride to be down for a while since it would make sense to go ahead and do winter rehab while its repaired.


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