Breaking News! New theme park on I-Drive?

Breaking news as of today, MONDAY OCTOBER 11, 2010 at 10.03 p.m.
A new theme park may be coming soon to Orlando, on the International Drive and right next to Universal Orlando resort (just TWO miles south of it)!! It is now called "ORLANDO THRILL PARK", and it will feature many coasters and other rides, if the project gets approved.
It will initially cover 70 acres, and it will be situated six miles north of SeaWorld and Walt Disney World, and only two miles from Universal, as we stated before.


The Eyewitness News said that the owners of this new proposed theme park have been involved in some projects in Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and Walt Disney World.
It will be great of course to have a new theme park, as it will give many more work places (and we theme parks fan would be INCREDIBLY happy!).

Here's the proposed location (from what we've heard from Channel 9), just south of the "Festival Bay Mall":

More news coming soon! Stay tuned!


  1. Awesome news!!!! As long as it is spectacular and nothing like we have ever seen before, i will be happy! :)

  2. They just have to approve the project according to Channel 9, and then... work will start!! Can't wait to know more!!

  3. Orlando Thrill Park?? Hmm...doesn't sound like this place will be themed. It better be! It's ORLANDO!

  4. Yes, that's the best news I've hear here in a while!!

    Lets hope they do a nice job cause it is Orlando after all, competition is stiff.

    The one thing they have going for themselves, (in my opinion) is location. Not Tampa, not where ever Legoland will be, but right in the middle of the Theme Park action. Cause I loooved me some BGT but that thing is far...

    I'm already excited planning my next 2 week trip (like in 3 years), I hope the train will be up and running too. (that's still coming right?)

    I don't know how you will be able to sleep with all the excitement Samuele? I guess it would be more exciting when the excavators are on site...

  5. Samuele you did let some info out:

    "WFTV learned the developers of the Orlando Thrill Park are interested in building roller coasters so tall, they would require approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)."

    I know this may not mean anything, (in time) at least not until they're complete, or if is not any good. At least they have high hopes! Literally! Lol!

  6. i hope there are not going to be to tall. I would hate walking through island of adventure and seeing this huge roller coaster in the sky that isn't at Universal. It would take away from the theming. haha


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