Around the (Disney) stores

Let's see what new things you can buy around the resort!:

A new Mr. Potato t-shirt:

New caps:

More new things:

I personally don't like these new t-shirts here:

The rainbow t-shirt:

Toys and plushes:

TOY STORY 3 stuff:

Food & Wine festival stuff:

Is there something you really like?


  1. Yeah i love the rainbow one.... no clue why, but I do. haha

  2. I like the one where all the different Donalds look like they're emerging from the blue ink. I'm a huge Donald fan, so there ya go.


  3. The sorry girls shirt is funny in theory!

    But if you are single it won't help, and if you're not is just kind of showoff-ish. You'll get the stink eye!

    Still funny! But it would be interesting it it said something like - "No time for you girls, I'm going to Disney". But the longer the less people would read it.

    By the way, people do read those in Disney. I went on one occasion with "If I don't remeber, it didn't happened" (shirt). And yep, people stared...


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