New signs in Future World!

Hello, everybody! We're back, and we are FULL of pictures to show you (more than 340!!!!)!
Let's begin with the new signs that appeared in these days at the entrance of both Future World East and Future World West:

In Future World WEST (green side):

Do I spot a major error???:

Yep! Kodak is still there! Maybe these signs were done before they even knew Kodak was going away....
But then, why did they put them now? Couldn't they just erase it and then put them up?:

In Future World EAST (blue side):

These new signs look really nice, and blend nicely with the rest of the area! Great job!
Now, let's get rid of the Kodak signs....


  1. i love following this blog since i do go to DisneyWorld a whole lot. Even though this is the wrong place to put it, i was wondering if you could do a update just for harry potter?

  2. Thanks a lot! We have sooo many new updates that are coming soon!
    About HP, I don't take pictures of it because you can find them everywhere.. I like to SURPRISE you!
    :-) Thanks a lot for the comment!!!

  3. Maybe they figured they'd be changing the sign anyway once Captain EO is done.

  4. That could be a reason!! Thanks James!!

  5. So does this replace the smaller directional signs? Future World looks more and more like an airport terminal every year. Not a bad change, but noteworthy.

  6. No, I think those other signs will stay... i have to say that I like very much these new ones!


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