A Look at the Gaylord Palms Resort - PHOTOS

Don't be fooled by the name (that means "happy lord"), the pictures that you'll see will really surprise you.
The Gaylord Palms resort is HUGE, on of the biggest in Orlando. It'very luxurious and... THEMED!!
That's the word I LOVE! Theming. Yes, lots of it. And the 85% of the resort is indoor, under a majestic glass dome, where you can see the sky (and that's even better at nighttime).

But, here you are some pictures of this great place:

It's a MASSIVE building:

The entrance looks like an airport:

The Main lobby:

The dome:

Theming, theming and more theming:

Live alligators:

The "fountain of youth":

The Market Square:

A Disney shop:

The Italian restaurant:

Pirates of the Caribbean (just kidding):

Key West:

Isn't this incredible??:

The sushi bar:

Unfortunately i wasn't able to take pictures of the great swimming pool/water park and of the mini-golf course because it started to rain (and all these facilities where outdoors).

The only "negative side"? If you're not an hotel guest, you have to pay $12 just to park.
It's free only if you eat at one of their (extremely expansive) restaurants. Also, the first half hour is free (what a big deal). Anyway, it's great, and I suggest you to pay a visit to it (maybe with the bus).