Disney's Hollywood Studios update

Here you are a quick new update of Disney's Hollywood Studios!:

Work is continuing on the hat:

The area where the new meet-and-greet will be located:

Inside the Great Movie Ride, there were very few people as you can see... 

If you ever want to see "Sounds Dangerous", be sure to visit the "Soundsations" booths! It's much better than the show itself!!:

Unknown work on the Little Mermaid's queue:

Nicely-themed walls:

Work continue on "Walt Disney: One Man's Dream":

The new posters hanging on the walls:

Do grass grow on your own version of Scrabble? Well, at WDW everything is possible:

Nothing to see here:

The Osborne lights are being installed:

Star Tours seems untouched (judging by the exterior):

The Star Tours store is still open though:

There are walls on the entrance of the ride:

And at the exit, the doors are (of course) closed:

The Art of Disney Animation seems to have some new LCD tv's while you wait for the next drawing class:

Thanks for viewing, and as always, have a great, OTPN day!


  1. Excuse me Samu but Honey I shrunk the kids was moved form Epcot to DS?

  2. In EPCOT, you had the Honey I Shrunk The AUDIENCE experience, in DHS, you have "a set" from the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie, which is kind of a playground

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... yes... now I remember! Actually in epcot it's been replaced by Captain EO!!!

  4. I hope this means they're leaving the exterior of Star Tours as it is! It's debatable whether or not it would fit in with the time period of the new ride, but I love it.


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