Busch Gardens MEGA update (Part 1)

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Here you are a HUGE new Busch Gardens update, with pictures of the whole park and also some pictures of the works on the new coaster! Since we took 160 pictures, we decided to divide the update in 4 parts, so that your computer doesn't slow down!

Let's begin!:

This entrance is used when the park is busier than usual:

Hmmm... I already spot works!:

The entrance:

Busch Gardens and SeaWorld are experts in gardens and such!:

I'm a bit sad about the (temporary) closure of the skyride! I love to see the park from the top!:

Unfortunately in the morning it began to rain, but after three o' clock it was nice:

Very nice theming:

It's raining! Go under a shelter!:

Tons of candies and desserts are found here:

Egypt has a gorgeous theming!!:

Now, we'll take you on a tour of Tutankhamun's tomb:

Many nice artifacts:

This place could be a great dark-ride idea!!:

The mummy!:

A new temporary sign:

Some pictures of the great MONTU:

There are a lot of animals in Busch Gardens!!!!! If you visit Orlando, please, remember to pay a visit to this great and amazing theme park! I think this is Orlando's most underrated park:

Another temporary sign:

The brand-new bridge looks great:

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  1. I love Busch Gardens. The scenery I really like, and the rides, I LOVE

  2. Bush garden is perfect for my family: my wife likes all the animal so close, while I like all the adrenalin ride in the park!!!!

  3. Busch Gardens is among the top 5 in my list of the BEST THEME PARKS in Orlando! It's great! It only needs two or three dark rides.

  4. Love Busch Gardens, always have. Top 3 for me. Love thrill rides BGT and Island Adv. are the best thrill park rides in Florida for my money.

    I think BGT suffers cause is far, from Disney, Universal, etc. Plus since is not called Disney (or even Universal) I think people don't bothered to go that far to see it. Big mistake in my opinion.

    Funny thing is that 1st time I went, only Kumba was up, I dind't ride it. Queue was too long and I was kind of scared(in all honesty). But I went to Florida same years they opened, Montu, Gwazi,Sheikra, primordially to ride the new coeasters. So I guess I overcome my initial fear...

  5. I agree, Busch Gardens suffers a lot for its position and brand...
    But that's a HUGE mistake!!
    It's a great and fun theme park!
    But people are of course deviated by its position.

  6. I am dying to visit Busch Gardens. I live in Texas and every time I've gone to Orlando it's been Disney and Universal. For my next trip I'm thinking about staying at Universal on-site and then taking one day to drive to Busch Gardens Tampa. The park has such great scenery and amazing roller coaters.

  7. I tell you Grant, it's a great, great theme park! I highly recommend to save AT LEAST one day for it! You won't be disappointed! Believe me :-)!
    It's such a beautiful park!

  8. I love that Egypt walkthrough.I had to idea BGT was so nice. I went there once and I was about 6 yrs old, so I don't remember much.

    Are there things to do if you are too scared to go on roller coasters (like I am)?

  9. Jen, neither I am not a coasters crazy ;), but I love nature and theming, so I love BG! There are many things you could do: the SKYRIDE, PIRATES 4D, SESAME STREET 4D, TUT'S TOMB, ALL THE SHOWS AND FLAT RIDES, RHINO RALLY, STANLEY FALLS, CONGO RIVER ADVENTURE, THE TRAIN, and so much more!

  10. Maybe it's an underrated Orlando park because, I don't know, it's not in Orlando?

  11. Yeah, I know, but i include it in our area :-)!


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