Accident at Animal Kingdom

Accidents can happen everywhere at any time, and unfortunately, they can happen even in the Happiest place on Earth. Of course, WDW is really big, so it is understandable that minor accidents could happen from time to time. Here's what happened just yesterday at Animal Kingdom, from WESH 2 News:

Animal Kingdom Cast Members Get Sick From Fumes
18 Reported Feeling Ill, 6 Taken To A Hospital

More than a dozen cast members at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park fell ill on Wednesday from parking lot fumes, authorities said. Eighteen cast members reported feeling ill and it was determined that fumes from the resurfacing of a parking lot were the cause, authorities said.
Six of the cast members were transported to a hospital for treatment.

All of the cast members involved had been exposed to the fumes for extended periods of time, authorities said, because they worked in the parking lot in various positions such as attendants or tram drivers.
Authorities said the paving was halted after the incident.
No guests fell ill, and the theme park’s operation was not affected, Reedy Creek authorities said.

I hope these Cast Members will feel better as soon as possible.
I don't think anybody is to blame for the accident, because usually when a parking lot is being resurfaced, it never happened something like this. It's just an unfortunate event.

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  1. Good Luck Guys, I don't know if someone of you will read this, but thank you for your daily good work!
    Amusement park's parking lots are amazing in Florida and there is a lot of work to do to feel our day trip fantastic since the begin of the day


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