New signs in World Showcase

New directional signs have arrived to World Showcase in Epcot!!

Pictures courtesy of WDWMagic:

Nice, aren't they?


  1. When was these added? I was at the park July 12, and 14th and I didnt see them.

  2. I think they were added on July 15th... even though I'm not 100% sure.. Or maybe, you just missed them :-)...

  3. Haha I dont think I missed them. I walked the park all day both of the times I was there. took about 400 pictures in EPCOT alone. The new signs look nice though.

  4. Ah, great! 400 pictures?? Wow!!!
    You take way more pictures than me!! Great job!!

  5. Haha thanks. I bought a 16GB SD card for my new camera and I covered all the parks pretty much as good I possibly could. I got back this morning with around 1600 pictures total.

  6. Oh and I dont know if you know this or not but when I was at the MK Friday tarps had started to go up around the tree at Winnie the Pooh.

    Heres two pictures of it:

  7. Wow, thanks for sharing those pictures! I haven't been to MK since Tuesday, so i didn't see them! thanks again!!!

  8. No problem, just glad to help.

    I did notice they are working on a All-Star Sports (our resort for the trip) and the Wilderness Lodge. Seems like the front of the Lodge was getting a big touch-up. At the sports they were cleaning the football field in the touchdown buildings and they was preparing to coat and re-stripe the Surfs Up parking lot on July 20th to the 23rd.

    Oh and the Animal Kingdom Lodge parking lot is getting a new coat and stripe, but it should have been finished this week.

    If you want I can send you construction pictures I took from last week.

  9. That would be great!!!
    thanks for the updates, Austin!!

    About AK's parking lot, is it going to receive an overall coat or only a part of it?? Thanks again!!

  10. Not sure. We had breakfast reservations at Boma and they had a portion of the lot blocked off with a sign that said re-striping and coating. When we went to load our van up yesterday a similar sign in our parking lot at the All-Star popped up.

    But no problem. You got some of the things they are working on. I'll send them to you in a few minutes.


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