Epcot construction update

Today we proudly present a new update of Epcot!

Lots of new details have emerged since our last visit to the park, just a week ago!!
Here we go:

Spaceship Earth is again clean and shiny!:

Look at the difference!


...and AFTER!:

New perspective:

You could meet a real firefighter, I wanted to go and meet them, but I was a bit late... :

blurry picture:

This area is useless! There is already the old Communicore building to seat down! No need for all these empty spaces, if ask me:

The Fountain of Nations is gorgeous!:

More INNOVENTIONS pictures:

No words on when the house of INNOVENTIONS will reopen:

Does it take all this time to change 'Honey, I Shrunk the Audience' to 'Captain EO'??:

Some IMAGINATION photos:

A new ride-through video is available on our YOU TUBE channel, but we'll post it here soon!

Captain EO:

Is the old IMAGEWORKS ... on the works?:

Beautiful landscaping:

Some more pictures of the fountain:

Works on the new "Hacienda de San Angel":

Donald Duck has a great new meet-and-greet station themed after some ruins:

It looks great:

And it attracts many people:

Donald Duck is one of my favorite Disney characters:

Glas und Porzellan CLOSED FOR GOOD! I am so sad about this!! i loved saying its name.
It will be replaced by a candy store, and it will be re-named "Karamelle K├╝che", (Caramel Kitchen):

And now, here's a look at the almost finished Italian Pizzeria!:

You can now see it from across the lagoon:

Don't forget to check out our new "AROUND THE WORLD (Showcase)" update, coming soon!
This week it will feature: Morocco.

Some pictures of the new signs at the entrance of World Showcase:

They look great, and i think it was about time... They should have put them way before:

Thanks for joining us in this update, and have a great day!!


  1. Man they aren't wasting time over in Italy. I love how I leave about 5 days ago and the ball is cleaned. Maybe its just bad luck or something.

    Any idea what they are doing to American Adventures?

  2. I think Disney uses the old image works space for the Disney Y.E.S. program. Go to the website below and watch the video about it. I think in one of the scenes on the video they are in that area.


  3. Yay for Fountain of Nations photos! If I lived in Orlando, I would have an A.P. just so I could visit Epcot often and watch the Fountain to de-stress! lol

  4. Thanks to all of you for posting comments!

    @ Austin: I think they're refurbishing the floor, but I'm going to check now...

    @Hunter: Thanks for the link!! I hope they make a better use of that area though...

    @Nacie: I'm glad you liked the pictures!! Epcot is such a great place... Did you there's even an Annual Pass that's only valid for Epcot after 4 p.m. ?

  5. Now to just win the lottery, move to Orlando and never have to work again! LOL!!


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