New MK update

Here you are a small update of the park, that I UNFORTUNATELY had to visit last Saturday (for the free special glasses to view the parade and the fireworks), and believe me, it was NOT a nice day, but not because of the weather (it was very nice, indeed) or for the crowd level (it was a medium day), but for something else I don't want to argue about, but that does not agree with Walt Disney's original idea...

Anyways, onto the pictures!:

Passholder check-in was in the rose garden:

Strangely, there was a Stitch show on that day:

The new Space Mountain set is amazing! But the cost is a bit.... too much! It costs about $225..

The huge arcade inside Space Mountain's gift shop:

Works continue in Fantasyland:

These works at Peter Pan NEVERLAND END!!

This is funny:

More works:

Still a temporary sign here:

A small set of wall here:

That's all.... see ya'!!


  1. Samu... please... tell us what's makes you hungry???
    Your problem are our problem!!!

  2. No, nothing Bigfoot, don't worry!
    Now everything is back to normal!!
    Thanks for the interest, though!!


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