Out of the loop: Ratatouille at DLP?

At Disneyland Resort Paris, it looks like there are still possibilities for the new Ratatouille dark ride to open...

Here you are some parts of a very interesting and convincing article from Disney and more:

"...One thing is sure: the awaited Ratatouille attraction will be the 20th Anniversary 
E-Ticket ride. And this time, folks, there [are] no more doubts about it.
The budget - translate: the money needed to build the ride - was approved by the banks early this year and, more important, works have began on the location that DLP Imagineers reserved for this future attraction...

...The attraction cost should be between 130 and 150 $M which is indeed pretty expensive and there is good reasons for that, i mean good technological reasons: the Ratatouille dark ride will use WDI latest high technology with trackless vehicles thanks to the same LPS technology that Imagineers used on the Winnie the Pooh ride at TDL...
But there is more as WDS guests will have to wear 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D projection effects that DLP imagineers have designed for the ride.

A trackless 3D ride with projection effects? For some of you it may sounds like the Spiderman ride at IOA and it's interesting to note that part of the technology for the Spidey ride was supposedly brought to Universal years ago by a former WDI Imagineer...no need to say that WDI was not happy...
But the Ratatouille ride at DLP's Walt Disney Studios will be more than a sophisticated ride.

In fact it's a whole Parisian area that will be build
Talking about parisian style the queue area of the attraction should be perfectly themed as the queue line decor will put the guests on the rooftops of Paris with breathtaking height feeling, thanks to forced perspective.

As what will happen during the ride itself, it should not be a dark ride which will follow the chronological order of the movie scenes (like Snow White or Pinnochio rides)...but i can tell you that WDS guests should be immersed in some of the movie key scenes.

My guess is that Ratatouille might open late 2012 if not in April 2013...."

Well, what do I have to say, good for them. It seems like the resort wants to grow. Unfortunately, I'm skeptical about this new ride. Everybody knows the poor financial condition of Disneyland Paris, without putting into consideration the many problems of their cast members, which are REALLY unhappy (more than the ones in WDW and DLR).

I think that the ride system will be simplified, and the budget cut. I really hope I'm wrong, but if the economy seems to be better here in the U.S., that doesn't mean that it will be the same in Europe... especially DLP.

Here is the place where the ride should be built:

What do you think? Is it really possible for them to do all these thing in just three years? 


  1. I think its possible to build this in time as I should think that on paper it ready and everyone is just waiting for the goahead.
    What I really think DLP needs is an evening show and since pyros are not allowed "World of "Colour " seems perfect for this.

  2. Why do you say that fireworks are not allowed there? Maybe for the cost?


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