Downtown Disney update

Today I have a new DTD's update for you as I promised! There's a lot of stuff going on down there.
Many stores are going away, others are coming... there's a lot of movement, no doubt on this!

We went to Downtown Disney really early and, of course, very few people were there.
It was warm and comfortable in the morning, but from midday it began to rain (luckily we were inside Disney Quest at that time).

But here we go with the pictures:

Disney Quest (a couple interior pictures near the end of this update):

The now closed Virgin megastore (that housed the "Diana: the people princess" exhibit for a limited time, fall 2009):

The Wolfgang Puck cafe:

Bongo's Cuban cafe:

AMC Pleasure Island's theater:

Planet Hollywood on Location (now closed):

"Characters in Flight":

Little Missmatched (a socks' store that replaced "Starabilias"):

Planet Hollywood:

Welcome to "Empty Island":

The SoundStage club:

Pleasure Island LIVE:

The Adventurer's club:

The new Paradiso 37 (South America cuisine):

Another club:

The "Motion" club:

Ranglan Road, a very well-themed pub!:

The "Mannequins" club:

Cookes of Dublin:

Portobello Italian Trattoria:

Fulton's Crab House:

The "new" T-REX cafe' (it opened october 2008, so I consider it still new):

Works in front of T-REX cafe' and MC Donald's:

This (filthy) MC Donald's is going to close down soon and will be replaced by "Pollo Campero", a Spanish fast-food chain

Rumors say that this Lego Imagination center will soon close because of the new LEGOLAND Florida that is under construction...

there are some LEGO props missing...

The world's largest "World of Disney Store":

If you have the 'Imagineering" book, you should recognize this picture!:

A hidden tribute to Mr Toad! 

there was a small show here today... it's called "Disney Magic Music Days"...

The Rainforest cafe - a wild place to shop and it! It has a gorgeous setting and food is good, even thought it's a bit expansive:

Other random Downtown pictures:

Some Disney Quest photos (by the way, I have really enjoyed it! It's very well themed and it's fun! You should check it out if you like video games or just having fun with the whole family or friends!):

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Thanks Samuele, I will comment all this picture more late because i need to see it again about 100-110 times!!!

    This is a fantastic report!!!
    Thank you very much!!!

    Just one question: all the club you shot are closed (after the big club closure in 2008) or are open???


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