New Roller Coaster at Busch Gardens

Some of our readers may know that Busch Gardens Tampa may be looking for another Roller Coaster! A Floridathrills user said also that This coaster is going to be a LIM B&M Hyper.
Recently, as Screamscape said in THIS article (in "The Next Coaster" section), the location of this new Roller Coaster may be near the Rhino Rally attraction, as seen in this map in point number 1 (to see it click on the image to see it bigger):

But there's also another possible location: near the Sky ride (point number 2 on the map). Indeed, we heard that they may incorporate the new coaster station with the "dead" side of the Sky ride (without removing the attraction). This may sound a little bit strange, but nothing is sure at this time, so this is a rumor like the others.
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  1. I think they should definitely build a walkway connecting nairobi directly to sheikra. thats a huge flaw in the park layout

  2. Yes, they really should build pathway there, because it takes too long to walk all the way to go to Stanleyville. the only thing is that there's the train track, but they could do a bridge that goes above it (or under it)...

  3. I really hope that they build a new coaster! I love Busch Gardens for its many roller coasters and the only reason I don't go more often is because it's quite far from where I live... Still, I am planning to go there in a few months when my aunt and cousins comes to visit in July :-) Obviously they won't have a new coaster ready to open by summer, but it's great news for the future if this rumor turns out to be true!!

    Thanks for the info Samuele!

  4. Yeah, because whenever I go there, I try to get to Sheikra first before the lines get long and it takes at least 20 minutes to walk over there. I always thought the park layout was terrible, its too big

  5. I hope this is real and not 'cross-talk' rumor mixed up with the Sesame coaster!

  6. I read that Busch Gardens was going to go with Intamin rather tham B&M...


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