New Hypercoaster Gets "Topped Off" at SeaWorld Orlando

Construction is well underway way at SeaWorld Orlando as MAKO (an all-new hypercoaster opening this summer) takes shape along the Orlando skyline.
The coaster was “topped off” yesterday as cranes put into place the tallest point of the structure – the tracks of its signature 200-foot tall hill. When it opens, Mako will be Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster, with speeds of 73 mph on 4,760 feet of track. The ride will be the centerpiece of a new realm.

The following photos show the entire lift hill of the coaster, which was completely installed on Jan. 6:

Guests visiting SeaWorld Orlando can continue to witness the rise of the massive steel track over the next few months as construction continues to build one of the world’s few true hypercoasters – a type of coaster known for high speeds, steep drops, and hills creating a feeling of weightlessness or “air time.”

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  1. Absolutely can't wait for this. Even though I rather have more dark rides, this I am definitely looking forward to. Bring back more shows Sea World!

  2. The shows were what set Seaworld apart from the other parks. I realise that coasters will attract more customers and generate increased revenue and that this revenue then funds the work that Seaworld performs outside of it's Parks.
    However they could try to address the balance between coaster and animal interaction so that it continues to attract the demographic that's more likely to respond to it's mission statement.
    I love Seaworld and applaud it's values and conservation initiatives away from the Parks but if it focuses too much on thrill rides ahead of the animal shows then it'll simply become one among many rather than the unique experience it once was.

  3. What you're not understand Bob is that, the shows are essentially cruel to these animals. I'm not saying that SeaWorld shouldn't have animals, but the way the world is changing, people are more conscious over these animals being seen in such a light. I went to Sea World Orlando as a youngster and thoroughly enjoyed it, before I understood the consequences it has on majestic animals. I would not go back there now as I do not agree with their policy on the keeping of Orca Whales, Belugas, Dolphins and Polar Bears.
    If they can build more coasters and water rides and make sea world more of a sea life and rehabilitation centre, I feel they will win back the customers like myself who have become disillusioned by their keeping of animals that should not be in such small enclosures.
    If it is to be a park that teaches us about these animals then it should, rather than teach about those in captivity in areas smaller than they should be. I would rather live my life having never seen these animals than see them confined unnaturally.

  4. On the contrary , JP, I do completely understand that there are very serious issues regarding both the captivity and training of wild animals. I have thought long and hard over the years about the validity of any type of Zoo and , in particular, parks where animal welfare is a concern. It's too much of a subject for this forum but I do recognise the need for a more considered approach. I agree with you about the animal shows where their welfare is abused.. However there is an argument for animals being conserved and studied to assist in the preservation of their species. Particularly where their natural environment is being compromised for whatever reason and without such actions we might lose them forever. It's a tricky one because it's open to abuse but, essentially, I concur with your views were we in an ideal world.
    Seaworld and places like it need to be transparent in their handling of animals and there is a requirement for them being monitored to ensure that they do things in a humane manner.


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