Islands of Adventure's skyline looks quite different without the massive green track of The Incredible Hulk Coaster. This iconic attraction is currently down for a major rehab that includes a complete replacement of the roller coaster's track, the retheming of the queue, and (possibly) even a new launch system. That is far from being the only project going on in the park, of course. In fact, there are plenty of other changes and additions to see around the rest of the park.

Even before entering the park itself, Guests can notice that the Pharos lighthouse is being repainted:

Some characters were greeting Guests around the Port of Entry area of the park:

Heading to Marvel's Superhero Island:

Captain America seemed to be in a hurry:

The launch cannon of The Incredible Hulk Coaster is the only part of the ride that's still standing:

The queue area is still being worked on:

The coaster's locker area is walled off:

These boxes are covering some of the coaster's footers:

The rest of the area formerly occupied by the coaster:

All the other footers are still there:

A circular saw is being used to work on them:

The new Sapphire Falls Resort is visible from the midway games area of Toon Lagoon:

Toon Lagoon:

The sign of the Comic Strip Cafe could use some help:

New wait time boards are being installed around the park:

The new resort is also visible from Jurassic Park:

A few areas of Camp Jurassic are now closed to Guests:

New caution signs were recently installed next to all the cave entrances:

Another new wait time board was spotted near the Raptor Encounter:

The only new wait time board that is currently operational can be found in Seuss Landing:

This is one of the best times of the year to visit the parks:

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