One of the smallest, yet most interesting experience that Guests could enjoy at Universal Studios Florida is now a thing of the past. We are referring to the quaint exhibit formerly known as "Lucy: A Tribute," which could be found along Hollywood Boulevard and was dedicated to the famous (and beloved) redhead.
Lucille Désirée Ball did a lot of things during her career (she was an actress, comedian, film studio executive, etc.), and this exhibit was dedicated to her.

This afternoon we will bring you back in time to show you around this very informative tribute. Enjoy!:

The entrance of the exhibit:

Let's take a look inside:

Some of the many awards that Lucille Ball won during her career:

Behind the scenes look at studio of "I Love Lucy":

Artworks depicting Lucy (and her personality):

The rest of the exhibit:

Park Guests could even play a game about Lucy (using dated technology):

Lucy's family album:

Short clips of "I Love Lucy" played nearby:

Miscellaneous items that Lucy used on and off the set:

Forever Lucy:

Cast of characters:

Lucy's letters:

The early years of Lucy:

The gift shop:

Here's the complete photo-gallery, including more than 60 additional photos taken around the exhibit:

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