Animal Kingdom Update: New Starbucks Opens (PART 1)

One of the most amazing Disney theme parks ever created keeps getting better.
While Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park is definitely underbuilt in terms of attractions, its theming is nothing short of superb, and the new themed areas, stores, and food & beverage locations that are being constructed in the park continue to follow the same template that was applied to all the themed areas that opened back in 1998. Let's take a look around to see what is new:

Welcome to Animal Kingdom:

Discovery Island:

The expansion of the Disney Outfitter store continues:

The store on the other side of the island is also being expanded:

The old Disney Vacation Club stand is gone:

The Tree of Life:

A green mushroom:

Even parts of this area are behind walls:

New themed screen for Dug & Russel's meet-and-greet location:

The refurbished Flame Tree Barbecue location will officially reopen tomorrow:

Cast Members were touring the area. More work will be done in the area in the next few months:

The updated menu:

Pocahontas' new meet-and-greet location:

Work on the new AVATAR-themed land continues:

A peek at one of the many buildings and facades that are taking shape behind the scenes:

The facade of Pizzafari looks great after the refurbishment:

The roof is still being repainted:

The new restaurant behind Pizzafari will soon take shape just behind the existing building:


  1. Wow, I forgot how insane their food prices are. Especially after paying the ~$81-$112 admission and $17/day parking fee.

  2. ^^^That's why the dining plan is great!


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