Animal Kingdom Update: New Starbucks Opens (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our newest Animal Kingdom photo-report. As always, we invite you to check out PART 1 before proceeding any further.
In the previous part of this large update, we took a quick look around the park's entrance and just a small section of Discovery Island, which is the area that is receiving the most attention at the moment (without counting the new Pandora: The World of AVATAR land, of course). Let's continue to explore the park.

The new Creature Comforts Starbucks:

A look inside:

Mugs and such:

The theming is very nice, even though it seems a bit too African-inspired (remember that Discovery island is not part of the African-themed land). That said, it is a good location to relax and enjoy coffee:

New planter:

The new DVC booth:

The newer DVC booths actually blend very well with the themed areas they are in:

Entering Africa:


The FastPass+ line now has a new entrance:

The new Zuri's Sweets Shop:

A look Inside:

The Harambe Market:

We absolutely love these seemingly random props!:


  1. Looks like the link to part 3 is broken, FYI.

  2. Thank you, we fixed that. Sorry about that!

  3. It's shocking how disconnecting the theme is between de outside and the inside of the shop. The theming team at Disney is less and less impressive.

  4. Can't disagree more anonymous. I love the theming here.

    And while Discovery Island isn't quite Africa,I think the theming of Creature Comforts makes for a nice transition.

  5. 1st Anon is trippin

  6. 1st Anon,

    If you go to Africa most buildings will be plain on the outside like Zuri's is. The theming is spot on.


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