While the Sorcerer's Hat icon is completely gone (click here to view our last update covering the park's hub), there are still other minor projects taking place around the park. The most important of these project is the Toy Story Mania expansion that is taking place inside Soundstage One, an empty building adjacent to the ride. Work is already being done inside the building itself, while work on theming the exterior of the building has just begun. Let's take a look:

The new photo-op next to the exit of The Great Movie Ride continues to take shape:

As you can see, it will follow the same theme of the Chinese Theater:

Work continues inside the Superstar Theater:

Walls currently surround Soundstage 1:

We expect to see this facade entirely covered in bricks in a few months, as the area should become an extension of the existing Pixar Place (which includes similarly-themed buildings):

We are definitely happy to finally see something being done in this once dormant area:

A Green Army Man relaxing on a bench with a park Guest:

These spontaneous interactions are the best. Sadly, they are also quite rare at Disney Parks these days:

New movie posters behind The Great Movie Ride:

A new seating area for the nearby Starbucks has been set up along Sunset Blvd.:

A part of the sign of the nearby Legends of Hollywood is being refurbished:

Walking toward the Hollywood Tower Hotel:

The new Sunset Ranch Pins and Souvenirs location:

Moving on:

Minor work being done near the entrance of the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater:

We'll conclude with some evening shots of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith:

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