Sorcerer Mickey's Hat Demolition Update: The End

It is hard to believe it, but this will be our very last photo-update covering the demolition of the Sorcerer's Hat, the former icon of Disney's Hollywood Studios.
While this section of the park's hub is expected to be behind walls for a few more weeks (a new stage is rumored to be coming to the former location of the hat, but don't worry, it will not obstruct again the view of the Chinese Theater), all of the visible parts of the hat have finally been taken down. Take a look!

Welcome back to an almost completely restored Hollywood Boulevard!:

The only things left are temporary supports used during the removal of the last few sections of the hat:

A side view of the area:

The temporary support can be removed overnight:

Parts of the ears are barely visible behind the walls:

 From another angle:

Hopefully the rumored new stage will have retractable lights:

Additionally, the four spires that used to be on the roof at the front of the theater should be coming back very soon (some permits were recently filed, but they don't specify when the installation will begin):

What about the great searchlights that once graced the sky above the Disney-MGM Studios? Hopefully they will be turned on again soon. In fact, they are still on top of the theater! Take a look:

Behind the facade of the Chinese Theater:

Back to the front of the theater:

Some of the very first nighttime show of an almost completely unobstructed view of the theater since the "100 Years of Magic" celebration that took place back in 2001 (the year the hat was installed):

It's now time to leave the park, but we will back very soon.

And that is all for now. Let's now wait and see what else is in store for this park. Good times ahead...


  1. It's a beautiful site, how long do you think it'll take disney to ruin it?

  2. they did ruin, it by taking the hat down

  3. Maybe they'll put the hat in front of the Carthay Circle Theatre at California! XD

  4. Oh just like it was when the park opened:) Beautiful unobstructed view:)

  5. Addition by subtraction, way better.
    Now add a Star Wars land and were good.

  6. Here's hoping that the new rumoured stage doesn't obstruct the view. Love it.

  7. Yes! I think that Disney will now add Star Wars land! Awesome!

  8. Could you post a link to the permits for the spires? I've been looking everywhere and can't find it myself!

  9. I hope they keep the area clear, or maybe a fountain area. The view is so much better now.

  10. It looks great!

    How about a large Golden Mickeys statue in a fointain? :)

  11. Rumor has it they're installing a giant Jar Jar Binks where the hat was.


  13. I haven't been to this park since 1999. It’s so great to see the Hat gone. But there's still nothing to do at this park. If it didn't have the Magic Kingdom as an anchor, this thing would have closed a long time ago. Highly RATED as: BORING and STALE.


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