SeaWorld Update: Sea Lion High Construction (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our latest SeaWorld Orlando photo-update. As always, we invite you to check out PART 1 before proceeding (if you haven't already done so, of course). In the previous part, we took a look around the entrance of the park, the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium, the Waterfront, and more.
Let's now continue to enjoy walking around one of the most visually-appealing theme parks in the Orlando area, thanks to its trees and flower compositions:

Exploring Antarctica:

Typical wait time for Empire of the Penguin:

One-time Quick Queue tickets were being sold right outside the attraction's entrance:

The "Penguin Wall" was recently refurbished. It looks great:

Moving on, we noticed that even the flamingo-shaped boats were not operating due to high winds:

Real flamingos (they are actually found in three different spots around the park!):

We definitely love the charging stations that SeaWorld installed in the past. All theme parks need them in this day and age. We have seen a large number of people charging their phones using power outlets located in questionable locations (like in the middle of a queue). Nice job on this, SeaWorld:

Another solar-powered vending machine:

The Sea Garden:

More flamingos (the third location to see these beautiful birds can be found next to Manta)...

The Terrace BBQ is also one of the park's most recent "additions." While the interior of the restaurant has not changed, the menu has been completely modified (the buffet is gone, as everything is once again sold a-la-carte), and the restaurant itself is now accessible to anyone (before Guests needed to pay in advance to make use of the all-you-care-to-eat buffet. Only then they could enter the building):

Beautiful setting:


This pond located nearby is rumored to be the area that could soon be part of the Blue World Project:

When in Florida, be sure to visit Epcot Busch Gardens Tampa!:

One of the newest Starbucks locations of the park:

Inside, the building looks quite sad. It is probably a temporary location:

As mentioned at the beginning of this update, temporary walls have been installed all around the former midway games area of the park (situated next to Shamu's Happy harbor). It is currently unknown what will be built in this section of the park. That said, we hope it will be something exciting:

Love midway games? Don't worry, as most of the games that were formerly located in this area have been relocated to other themed areas of the park. The majority of them can now be found in the Key West section of the park (mostly near the Dolphin Cove and the Whale & Dolphin Stadium):

A new quick-service restaurant should soon be built in this area (permits were filed last summer):

In the Key West area, walls are up around the Dolphin Cove:

We'll conclude with this nice concept art showing Journey to Atlantis:

And that is all for now. Remember that we also posted a photo-report covering SeaWorld Orlando's Wild Days event a few weeks ago. Be sure to check it out if you haven't had the chance to do so yet.


  1. Thank you for the updates, I think you guys should do more SW updates considering there seems to be a lot going on there recently. I think its time that midway section is finally being made use of as that and the area behind it do take up quite a bit of space. In my mind, SeaWorld has a lot of things to do in the coming years such as updating Wild Arctic and the dark ride portion of Journey to Atlantis, removing the playground portion of Shamu's harbor and replacing with more flats. Also the area around Bayside stadium takes up an awful amount of space. Just some food for thought.

  2. I think they are probably just remodeling the games area. If some big project were happening the park would of announced it. Though some adult flat rides like a swinging ship, wave swinger and bumper car ride themed to fish would be nice.

  3. The games area is rumored to become a new dining location. That's what I have heard as of now. What's wrong with Seaside coffee area? It opened when the Christmas season started. The colors are bright and nice and a great addition to that side of the park.


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