Wild Days Event Begins at SeaWorld Orlando (PHOTOS)

One of the most popular SeaWorld Orlando events is back again this year, with plenty of special shows, animal encounters, temporary exhibits, dance parties, and more. We are referring to "Wild Days," which officially begun this past Saturday (January 24, 2015) and will take place at the park every weekend through February 8, 2015. All the special happenings that were mentioned before will help Guests get closer to nature and learn more about it.

We were among the people who enjoyed the very first day of this event. Here you are some photos we personally took, along with some observations regarding what we were able to experience that day:

The first location we headed to was the Nautilus Theater, formerly home of A'lure - the Call of the Ocean. In this indoor theater, we were able to meet Julie Scardina, a very passionate researcher and animal ambassador that has been in every single continent found on the planet (yes, that includes Antarctica).

After a very informative and enriching question-and-answer session, we were able to attend the Wild Days show, which was definitely worth seeing. The stage itself has a few, sparse themed props that have no real purpose in the show other than embellishing the otherwise neutral nature of the stage:

Before the start of the show, a short video played on the gigantic screen installed as the backdrop of the stage. During the video, Julie Scardina, Jack Hanna, and others gave the audience more information about our beautiful natural environment, how we can protect it, and more. 

Immediately after that, Julie Scardina returned to the stage, this time in front of a much larger audience. 

She then started talking about her own adventures and what she had learned from her trips around the globe (some of the information was also heard during the private Q&A session before the actual show). She had a couple of friends join her on stage:

After the brief introduction, she invited more of her "friends," including this magnificent (yet very modest in size) owl, which is actually part of the smallest species of owls found on earth:

Afterwards, the spotlight turned to a representative of the bigger species of owls. Seeing both of these species next to each other really helped the audience to visualize how diverse our world is:

But that's not "owl" (excuse the pun). In fact, they also presented to the public one of the biggest owls in the world. These birds are so big that it makes it difficult for them to see their very own legs!:

Later on, playful flamingos paraded through the building, making a mess and causing the hilarity of the audience. It was definitively fantastic seeing them walking around the aisles of the theater:

While still on the subject of birds, Julie Scardina invited on stage the symbol of the United States of America: the Bald Eagle. This magnificent bird was considered almost extinct a few years ago. Fortunately, people started realizing that changes were necessary to save these (and other) amazing animals. They are no longer an endangered species, fortunately:

The bald (left) and the eagle (right):

It looks like he appreciated the joke...

Later on, a penguin chick joined Julie Scardina. This penguin is only a few weeks old. Mrs. Scardina showed the audience a replica of the egg that previously contained this beautiful bird:

In merely a handful of weeks, this penguin will lose all his feathers, making way to water-proof ones, which will allow him to swim and procure food by his own (the penguin's parents must definitely be looking forward to that day, don't you think?):

After this excellent show, we headed to other areas of the park to see what else if offered during the event. In many points of the park, we have noticed the presence of "Education Stations," which provide an even closer look at the animals that populate our planet:

In the Antarctica themed area, a dance party was taking place, which included a DJ (but of course!), some of the park's characters (we apologize, but, other than Shamu, we do not know their names), as well as stilt walkers. Kids and parents alike seemed to love this very simplistic, yet entertaining offering:

Last but not least, Guests are also able to meet penguins at the only shop located inside the themed area. Some may say that it is also possible to see penguins across the street, inside Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. While that is true, Guests are able to get much closer to the penguins in this special meet-and-greet; additionally, the wait time to meet the penguins is shorter than the attraction's wait time.

And that is all for now. We really hope you enjoyed this overview of SeaWorld's Wild Days. If you can, we recommend you check out all that the event has to offer. This will allow you and your family to have fun while learning more about the magnificent creatures that live on this planet along with us.

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