SeaWorld Update: Sea Lion High Construction (PART 1)

While SeaWorld Orlando is seemingly a "dormant" theme park at the moment, some interesting projects are taking place around the park's themed areas.
In addition to the construction that is currently taking place in the future location of Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High, some temporary walls have gone up around the Dolphin Cove and the former midway games area. Furthermore, other minor projects were recently completed. Take a look around:

Welcome to SeaWorld:

In the Waterfront, we noticed that the Sky Tower was closed. It has been windy in the past few days:

Contrary to what we thought, the divers are still present in The Oyster's Secret area:

A new food & beverage kiosk opened nearby in the past few months:

It's called the Lakeside Panini Bistro:

SeaWorld's 2015 merchandise has a logo that closely resembles the one used for Disney merchandise:

Work continues inside the Sea Lion & Otter Stadium:

The wheelchair ramp is being refurbished:

The installation of themed props seems to have almost concluded:

Work is now also being done in the seating area:

The Pacific Point Preserve:

New solar-powered Coke vending machines have been installed in some areas of the park:

It's starting to get chilly. We must be getting closer to Antarctica...


  1. Any dates for the opening of the new sea lion high show rather than just spring? we're visiting in the 2nd half of april wondered whether it would be on then?

  2. Martin, the pass member preview is set for Feb 28. So hopefully that gives you an idea. I would guess it will easily be ready for 2nd week of april

  3. I take offense to you calling SeaWorld a dormant park. SeaWorld is always popping and hopping with something. Wild Days just concluded which was three weeks of fun. Now Praise Wave is next followed by Bands Brew and BBQ then Viva La Music. Something is always going on. More changes will be coming in the form of new attractions

  4. @Last Anonymous: We agree with you. That's why we used the word "seemingly," as it might appear to be dormant, but it's (hopefully) not.


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