Downtown Disney Update: The Landings Grows (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of this new Downtown Disney/Disney Springs construction update. Be sure to check out PART 1 before proceeding.
In the preceding part, we took a look around the parking area located next to the Cirque du Soleil, the West Side (including the work being done around Planet Hollywood), and a section of The Landing. We will now continue to check out the area, and then we will move on to the Marketplace:

A few more photos of the work being done around The Landing:

A few more photos of The Landing from a boat:

The Marketplace:

Plenty of work is being done next to the T-Rex Cafe:

The new Village Causeway will open very soon (learn more):

A closer look:

New kiosks:

From another angle:

It really looks great:

The expansion of the World of Disney Store continues:

New bricks near the Marketplace Stage:

The new area for the popular Margarita kiosk:

Work on the volcano of the Rainforest Cafe has been completed:

What a peaceful morning:

New rocks have been placed around the pond near the new Marketplace Boat Landing area:

There are new flower creations too!:

Time to leave:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.



  1. Is the World of Disney store still open while it expands?

  2. Anyone else think these elevated tracks are pointless. Seems like they're just trying be like nyc's highline.

  3. That Planet Hollywood building stands out like a sore thumb now. I wonder what plans they got for that building to get it to fit into the landings theme.

  4. I also think the elevated "tracks" look really out of place.

  5. There is an over arching train theme to part of the springs, and the highline provides a lot of much needed shade. And planet Hollywood is being converted in to an observatory look.

  6. Yes, World of Disney store is still open. Some of the rooms (toward the old parking lot) have a large red curtain up, which does shrink those rooms a little. No construction noise noticeable. If I didn't see the curtain, I wouldn't have realized they were doing anything.

  7. exactly, the high line rails fit perfectly fine within the theme of disney springs and serve two purposes. first they keep people out of the sun in DTD which is a nice addition and two they will serve as a second level where bars, restaurants and sitting areas will increase the amount of seating areas and food/drink choices in the area. its a great idea in my opinion and I look forward to having a drink from the tracks in the coming years.

  8. @ last anon... I believe Disney scrapped the idea of allowing guests up on the highline. Drinking and a raised platform with stairs, as well as having to provide access to wheel chairs is just too complicated.

    So that gives them just one function: shade. Okay, I'll given them that, but still doesn't explain how a broken down old raised rail line fits in with a port in a small town atmosphere. I'm just saying, I'll enjoy the shade, yes, but not buying the theme.

  9. When will the World of Disney store expansion be completed?

  10. Yes, there will be no seating or access to the upper levels of the highlines. That idea was scrapped.

  11. Disney Springs looks very pretty but not very interesting.

  12. If u get picky there are a lot of theming issues throughout WDW. However, fix them all, and you get a terrible experience. Sometimes you have to pick practical realities first, and then try to work the theming in as best you can. If the area had no shade spots, it would be down right miserable. I can see husbands standing under there with their kids waiting for mom to come out of a store, etc. They took the seating area out of my local mall, and it hurt sales at bath and body (I won't go in and my wife won't leave me standing there).

    If you want to get technical, what would a small coastal town be doing with 2 giant parking structures, and a indoor whatever you call Disney Quest, and a french circus.


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