Hollywood Studios Update: Removing the Hat (PART 2)

Welcome to the second installment of this new Disney's Hollywood Studios construction update. Make sure to check out PART 1 before proceeding.
In the previous part, we took a look at the new Starbucks location currently being built along Hollywood Blvd., as well as the new construction walls that currently surround the Sorcerer's Hat. We will now move on to other areas of the park, including Pixar Place, Streets of America, Echo Lake, and more. Enjoy:

This will soon become once again the park's icon. It deserves to be that:

In Pixar Place, Toy Story Mania was down, but then suddenly reopened:

No wait time for Toy Story Mania? We'll take it!:

Unfortunately, this happened a few minutes after boarding the vehicle:

E-Stop pressed? Check. Racked out? Check. Evacuation procedures may begin:

Nothing going on outside Stage 1:

The former Studio Backlot Tour still sits dormant:

Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Snowsomething is now closed for good:

The Streets of America:

Slowly removing temporary props:

The Frozen sing-along is still open, of course:

The former American Idol Experience building is also sitting there, useless (for now):

Animation Courtyard:

Sunset Blvd.:

And then... night falls, all of a sudden (not really):

Time to say goodbye:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.



  1. With so many renovations, it's hardly worth it to visit Hollywood Studios for awhile.

  2. It was hardly worth a visit even before these renovations started.

  3. Really liking the emphasis on the earful tower, on those construction walls around the hat.
    Think Disney will do something to make that icon more prominent within the park, now that the studio tour is gone?

  4. Walls, walls and more walls throughout Disney, and HS left with even less rides. Really not worth visiting at all at the moment.

  5. Really? We're having trouble figuring out how we're going to fit everything in in a week-long trip in a few weeks.
    Perspective, I guess.

  6. I have a feeling DHS will just be wrapping up their huge renovation with this park in time for WDW's 50th so I'm guessing like 2020, or 2021

  7. It's interesting to see where the Starbucks logo will appear under the street car cafe signs. They are currently covered in brown tarps.

  8. The hat is NOT an icon.
    It was an eyesore.

    Good riddance.

    And if they don't start adding things for people to do (LIVE Entertainment aka Comedy Warehouse), the park WILL be deserted while they undergo the renovations. Remember DCA during the transitions?

  9. The theatre can not be the icon due to copyright of the actual building it represents. They've already used Tower of Terror on some promotional material as the icon, and the Earful tower on others.

  10. The TCL Chinese Theatre actually could be used as the icon, but they can't call it the TCL Chinese Theatre. The building itself, even if copyrighted, could still be used as the icon.

    Section 62 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act of 1988 expressly permits certain copying in relation to buildings, and also to sculptures and works of artistic craftsmanship that are permanently situated in a public place or in premises open to the public. More specifically, it provides that copyright in such a work will not be infringed by making a graphic representation of it (that is, a drawing or a painting) or by making a photograph or film of it, or by making a broadcast of a visual representation of it.

  11. @Jason: That's true in the UK, but UK law doesn't apply in the US. ;-)

  12. So with so many attractions closed down that must leave them with about 10-12 attractions; Muppets, star tours, tower of terror, toy stoy, aerosmith, movie ride, beauty & the beast, little mermaid, animation tour, indianna jones, lights motor etc, fantasmic, and even a number of those are below standard for a disney attraction. I aasume of course they've reduced the entry price considering they are now offering a significally reduced park experience? ;-)

  13. The Earful Tower will always be the icon (to me at least.) Yeah, seems there's less and less to do there with all the renovations. Is the Indy show coming out too? That was something I had heard. My guess is CarsLand will be built in the back where C. Canyon is. (Or is that already a done deal?) Maybe they're going to add much more Star Wars (I wouldn't mind) or much more Frozen (ugh.)

  14. DHS' logo is being restored to the Earful Tower as it was originally. I'd like to see them move the water tower to a better position within the park though so it makes sense to guests why it's being used.

  15. I heard that with the lack of open attractions, Indy will be staying open for quite awhile longer. Possibly until Toy Story is finished.


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