Hollywood Studios Update: Removing the Hat (PART 1)

These are some exciting times. After more than thirteen years, the Sorcerer's Hat is finally being removed from Hollywood Boulevard, and that is just the beginning. In fact, if rumors are to be believed, this is just the start of a great renaissance for the most neglected Disney theme park in the United States, as plenty of new attractions and lands should turn this potentially amazing location into a full-day park. Let's see what is currently being done:

Excitement is definitely in the air:

Let's take a good look at the future Starbucks location, known as the Trolley Car Cafe:

The outdoor patio:

Notice the details:

The facade:

Walls are still up behind the building:

The main reason we are here:

The hat will be just a distant memory in a few months:

Walls completely surround the icon:

The back of the area:

So long:

Characters were meeting by the walls:


  1. The permit was for demolition of the hat, so I suspect it might take far less time than a few months. More like a few weeks. We shall see!

  2. I wonder what's going to take over the current place of the hat. Gardens? Fountains?

  3. I heard a stage with lighting that comes up out of the ground similar to the stage in front of the castle the MK.


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