Welcome to PART 3 of our newest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report. As usual, we invite you to check out PART 2 before proceeding.
In the previous parts of this large update we checked out a large part of the park, but there are still a few areas that we need to visit. One of them is the Animation Courtyard, which also includes the great Big Hero 6 meet-and-greet. While we have personally not seen the movie yet, we are sure it will be a hit:

The Muppets area:

New interactive element still unused:

Star Tours:

Echo Lake:

A total of two empty buildings can be found in this area:

Back to the center of the park:

The Hollywood Tower Hotel looking over Sunset Boulevard:

Animation Courtyard:

Big Hero 6 banners and signs everywhere:

A look inside The Magic of Disney Animation:

Updated map featuring the new Big Hero 6 meet-and-greet:

A very sparse exhibit themed after the movie:

Upcoming movies:

The Big Hero 6 meet-and-greet. As we stated before, it is really nice:

Baymax (the white robot) is a fantastic character:

...and he can blink, of course!:


The meet-and-greet area and props:

Make sure to stop by and say hello!:

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