Here we are on PART 3 of this latest Epcot photo-report. Be sure to check out PART 2 of this update before proceeding.
Part 2 of this update included photos of Future World West (including the utility work that continues to be done in the area) as well as pictures of the former Odyssey pavilion. We will now move on to a very busy World Showcase, as the Food & Wine event continues to attract thousands and thousands of Guests:


A couple that had recently been married was walking around:


Maelstrom closed forever on October 5, 2014. We'll post a complete photo-gallery soon:


The African Outpost might be replaced sooner than later of the rumors about a new Puerto Rico pavilion are true. Of course, as all rumors, we take that with a grain of salt:

An amazingly busy Germany:


The gondolas that usually flat in front of the pavilion are currently being refurbished:

The American Adventure:

The Chase Lounge constantly has long lines:




The United Kingdom:

No more World Showcase Players:


What a magnificent garden:

While we wait for a possible new Puerto Rico pavilion, you can visit this temporary stand:

The theming is quite nice:

Time to leave the park. It's getting way too busy:

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