Epcot Update: Saying Goodbye to Maelstrom (PART 3)

Here we are on PART 3 of this latest Epcot photo-report. Be sure to check out PART 2 of this update before proceeding.
Part 2 of this update included photos of Future World West (including the utility work that continues to be done in the area) as well as pictures of the former Odyssey pavilion. We will now move on to a very busy World Showcase, as the Food & Wine event continues to attract thousands and thousands of Guests:


A couple that had recently been married was walking around:


Maelstrom closed forever on October 5, 2014. We'll post a complete photo-gallery soon:


The African Outpost might be replaced sooner than later of the rumors about a new Puerto Rico pavilion are true. Of course, as all rumors, we take that with a grain of salt:

An amazingly busy Germany:


The gondolas that usually flat in front of the pavilion are currently being refurbished:

The American Adventure:

The Chase Lounge constantly has long lines:




The United Kingdom:

No more World Showcase Players:


What a magnificent garden:

While we wait for a possible new Puerto Rico pavilion, you can visit this temporary stand:

The theming is quite nice:

Time to leave the park. It's getting way too busy:

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  1. I was there the same day you took these photos! I was in epcot again today and noticed the Maelstrom sign is already removed. I am hoping you are right and that all of these recent changes and rumors are for the better.

    Do you know what the issue is with the utility work? It's been like that since May as I recall them starting to put up walls and begin work towards the end of the flower festival

    Also do you know why it smells bad in MouseGear? I again noticed it back in May and again today.

  2. Hello Jessica!
    Unfortunately, we don't know what the utility work is for, but rumors pointed to a possible sinkhole. It doesn't seem likely to us, though. i would guess a few pipes broke, and it affected a large area.

    Also, we were not aware of the bad smell in the MouseGear area. If it is near the Electric Umbrella, it could be due to the nearby kitchen, who knows!

  3. Thanks for the great update, as usual!
    The smell that Jessica's talking about isn't only in MouseGear, but around Innoventions East and West. It's like a sulfur smell and I've got to wonder if that's why they're doing the utility work. The smell's been going on for over a year now, and it's gotten noticeably worse over the past few months.

  4. Norway, is soon to become Denmark or a fictional Kingdom of Arendale?
    Also..is Disney aware Puerto Rico is apart of the USA? I'm all for more countries, but that would be like making a Hawaii pavilion.

  5. I thought they had planned on creating an Australasian exhibit ?

  6. In fairness to Puerto Rico, it is world showcase, not country showcase. I get your point about Hawaii, but that is a state and Puerto Rico is a territory. We are basically Puerto Rico's big brother. In the end, it has a culture that is completely different than what we have in the US. Let's not forget that Puerto Rico is putting up $100 million to make this happen, no other country is doing that and I'm all for something more to world showcase.

  7. Lets be fair... Puerto Rico isn't putting up any money. A group of investors MIGHT put up the money. They are researching where they would get the money, and what the options for a pavilion might be. Disney fans take rumors as gospel, and change investigating to building, and then are disappointed when news that they should never have heard in the first place, never develops into reality. Puerto Rico is in the extremely early stages of consideration.


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