After a few days of out-of-the-ordinary photo-updates, we are finally back on track with the regular show. This morning we are going to visit Universal's Islands of Adventure together, but we will only focus on two particular themed areas of the park: Jurassic Park and the future King Kong land. There's a lot going on at the Universal Orlando Resort as a whole, and the next few years will certainly prove to be even more exciting than ever before! Let's start to explore the park. Enjoy!:

First of all, let's enter Jurassic Park:

The best time to take photos is definitely right before park closing:

Nothing is still going on in the former Triceratops Discovery Trail area, even though we can confirm that there are actual plans for this area. That said, we have no idea if and when they will be actually realized:

Some stray cats were roaming the area:

Walking around:

Time to explore Camp Jurassic to get some aerial views of the future King Kong themed land:

Notice the new concrete base:

A closer look at the construction zone:

Behind the walls:

A temporary pond was recently created:

A closer look at the new concrete:

The Toon Lagoon side has a huge pile of dirt:

We definitely miss the Jurassic Park arch:

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