New "Tips for Visiting" Downtown Disney Map Debuts

As the major Disney Springs project continues to bring more parking issues around Downtown Disney, new tools are introduced to help Guests to navigate the area more easily. Staring today (August 13, 2014), new guidemaps for the Downtown Disney Area will be in circulation at the Walt Disney World Resort. The cover features a teal color banner and is titled ‘Tips for Visiting.’ Here you are a scanned version of this new guide, which is much cleared than the older ones:

The front of the map (FULL-SIZE):

The back of the guide (FULL-SIZE):

A closer look at the map itself (FULL-SIZE):

A closer look at the legend (FULL-SIZE):

As you can see, this new guide will help Guests with transportation options and directions for where to park when driving to the Downtown Disney Area. Once they arrive at Downtown Disney. The new guidemaps include updated English maps. 

As always, check back here on OTPN to stay informed as Downtown Disney transforms into Disney Springs.

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